Toddlers and Self-Control: A Survival Guide for Parents

Children don’t actually develop this kind of self-control until 3.5 to 4 years of age, and even then they still need a lot of help managing their emotions and impulses. You are the expert on your child. We have expertise in child development. We’re in this together. #ParentForward Picking up the remote after you’ve told […]

Building Self-Esteem at Home and in Montessori

Parents know how critical self-esteem is to their children’s future success.  Without self-worth, life’s pathways are much steeper and much more difficult.  Did you know that by age five, children’s self-esteem is on par with adults’, and this trait will often remain stable across their whole lives? This news comes from recent research out of the University of Washington’s […]

Saying No – The Montessori Way

Parenting is a delicate balance of knowing how to raise your kids with integrity while also preparing them for the real world. From learning the difference between positive and negative language to what we feed them, there are so many things we have to pay attention to when raising well-adjusted kids. Sometimes this means doing […]