Creating a safe and healthy environment for your children and our staff is our highest priority. In accordance with governmental orders and guidelines, we are taking extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. In addition, we are asking you – our parents – to partner with us by adhering to health guidelines, open & honest communication, and patience.

We will be working with our teachers and staff on the necessary training and preparation for a safe and smooth reopening.


In addition to comprehensive screening and health/safety protocols, one of the most critical ways our school provides a fun and safe learning environment, while still promoting distancing and limiting the amount of cross-contact is through a Class Family Group structure.


A Class Family Group is a stable group of children and adults who will be together during their time at school. Similar to your family at home, Class Family Groups will play, eat, and nap together in a shared environment. Class Family Groups will not interact with other groups at school. The purpose of implementing these groups is to create a cohesive and stable environment for your child that also maintains everyone’s health and safety.

What is your role as a member of the Class Family Group?

Each member of the group is dedicated to the continued health and safety of the entire group. We will be sanitizing and setting up the classrooms with distancing in mind, but we also know these are young children and will need care and love. The class family group approach enables us to be sensitive to children’s physical and emotional needs while still practicing social distancing. You will also play a critical role in protecting the group by strictly following all school health and safety protocols. Your cooperation inside and outside of school will ensure your child and all members of the group will have a safe and fun summer program. Most of you have been staying safer-at-home and limiting possible COVID-19 exposure. For an added level of safety, we encourage every family (parents and children) to get a free test with the painless oral swab, available at Warner Center.


Our Parent Information Evening will be canceled. 

The daily schedule, school calendar, and all relevant info will be communicated in our first-day email that will get sent out closer to the time.

Parents sign-in/out procedures will be explained.

The Class Family Group structure will be discussed and parents will sign off that they fully understand and will comply with the policies.


Teaching Young Children About Health & Safety.

Model social distancing and role play.

Provide frequent verbal reminders.

Develop stories, songs, and games to teach proper etiquette for sneezes, coughs, etc.

Class Family Groups should not be mixed at any time (indoors or outdoors). Teachers only physically interact with their own class unless there is an emergency or direction is given by an administrator.


  • The entire facility will be deep cleaned and disinfected prior to opening.
  • Custodial staff will disinfect restrooms doors & surfaces, push bars & door handles on inside and outside of the 2 playground entrances every 2 hours.
  • Staff will be trained on specific protocols and expected to disinfect classroom toys, eating surfaces, playground door handles, cubbies, cars & large toys, balls or smaller items, outside toys.



  • Parents are only to make use of the drive-through when dropping or collecting a child.
  • When entering the drive-through, parents are required to wear a face mask.
  • At no point is a parent allowed to get out of their car.
  • Temperature Screening- A non-contact thermometer will be used by a teacher to check your child’s temperature.
  • No one will be allowed in with 100.3℉ or higher.
  • Anyone with 100℉ or higher will receive additional screening and will be asked to stay home.
  • At Home – Staff, parents, and children all need to check their temperatures at night and each morning before coming to school.
  • Visual Inspection – A teacher will perform a quick inspection of each child for signs of illness, which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness, and confirm that the child is not experiencing coughing or shortness of breath.
  • Late drop off – Parents are to park on Sale str. and remain in their car, a teacher will pick up/screen child and escort the child to their class.
  • Children and teachers will immediately wash hands upon entering the school and classrooms.
  • Teachers will sanitize their hands when accepting items from the parents.



  • Before coming to school – All staff and children must stay at home if there are any illness symptoms. They must also notify the school. Staff and children will need to be symptom-free without any medications for 72 hours before returning to the facility.

Symptoms include:

  • fever of 100.3℉ or higher
  • dry cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
  • fever or chills
  • loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • headaches
  • muscle or body aches
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or diarhea 


At school – Any staff or child exhibiting any symptoms listed above (in addition to all the illness symptoms listed in staff and parents handbooks) will be isolated and immediately sent home.


  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the building at any time.
  • When weather permits, the playground areas are open for use with the following guidelines:- Only one classroom on a playground or lawn at a time

    – The playground will be disinfected between each use

    – The drinking fountain will remain closed and will not be used

  • Students and teachers will wash their hands as soon as they re-enter the classroom




Maintain during circle time – outside, using carpet squares, painters tape, or spaced out in the classroom.

Clean up and disinfect the tables, chairs, counters, and doorknobs during the naptime and at the end of day.

Rearrange the classroom – Allow more individual centers and space the centers.

Sinks used for bathroom and food service should be separated.

Keep windows open when possible (while A/C or fans on) – Before class starts, or during the class time, if outside temperature < 90F.


Teachers monitor children to ensure proper handwashing and sanitize the sink faucet and toilet handles before and after each use.

Teach children to wash hands: 20 seconds by singing a song.

Modeling the proper way of washing hands and drying hands completely.

Prop open bathroom doors to minimize touching of door handles.

Hand washing / Sanitizer

Provide hand sanitizer at all entrances, busy traffic areas: kitchen, office, entrance gate (out of young children’s reach).

All adults (and children with supervision) before entering the campus will need to sanitize their hands or wash hands.

Children’s Belongings

All items from home must be contained in their own cubbies and sealed in a labeled bag.

No toys from home allowed to school.

Only nap mats will be allowed and absolutely no extra pillows or blankets.

Play Modifications

Bring indoor activities outdoors.

Stagger indoor and outdoor play.

More opportunities for individual and solo play (drawing, coloring, cutting, puzzles, other manipulatives, etc.)

Outdoor Yards

Spray/wipe down used equipment after your class is done.

Put away your class’ outdoor toys. For any shared yards, have individual toys for your class (shovels, balls, buckets, etc.) so they are not used by other Class Family Groups.

Class Toys

Rotate toys without leaving them all on the shelves.

Toys like puzzles need to be wiped after each child’s use.

A tub for toys that need to be cleaned and disinfected after use (choose toys can withstand constant washing).

Each child will have Individual baggies with everyday materials that will ONLY belong to them. A list of these materials will be sent out in our first-day email.

If sharing materials, materials need to be sanitized between uses.


Space sleep mats 6 feet from each other or with a bookcase, partition, etc. between children.

Head and feet should alternate to create more distance.


Teachers will wear gloves during all aspects of food service including when removing lunch sacks from the refrigerator and while serving the food; this includes any bottle service used in the infant classrooms

No food sharing is allowed.

Keep children’s water bottles in cubbies.  During outdoor time, keep them separately on a designated place (picnic table, etc.)

Immediately clean and disinfect tables after meals.

All food will be prepared by Chef Martha ONLY. Chef Martha will be doing all shopping of food products and each packaged item will be disinfected before entering the kitchen.

Please see link on disinfecting packaged grocery items that Martha will be using:

The transmission of Covid-19 by way of food is unlikely according to the World Health Organization, see attached document.


All enrichments will be canceled.


We will not be scheduling any tours at this point. We will be conducting virtual tours if we have to.


  • Teachers will model, role-play, and facilitate social distancing.
  • The classroom environment will be redesigned to promote safe distancing: Many indoor activities will be moved outside, including circle time.
  • The classroom will be rearranged to allow more individual centers and ample space between centers.
  • The classroom windows will be kept open, weather permitting.
  • Manipulatives, toys, and high touch surfaces will be sanitized frequently throughout the day and between uses.
  • Teachers will teach/model and monitor procedures for bathroom, meal, naptime, coughing, sneezing, etc. based on health/safety guidelines.
  • Teachers will sanitize their hands when accepting items from the parents.
  • All teachers will be wearing transparent face shields so that children can see facial expressions.

Hand Washing

  • Hand washing will take place approximately every hour and as needed, including:
  • Before and after eating
  • After using the bathroom
  • Before rest/nap time
  • After outdoor play and when coming in from outside
  • After sneezing and coughing
  • Teachers will monitor all hand washing and model for them:
  • Washing hands for 20 seconds by singing a song
  • Drying hands completely
  • Bathrooms
  • A limited number of children at a time and doors open to minimize touching of door handles.
  • Teachers will sanitize all touched surfaces before and after each use.


Prior to the first day, all staff will receive training on the new protocols we have in place


All staff members will be tested prior to returning to school. Parents and children are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.

All families & staff need to report:

Any family COVID-19 cases to the school & CDC. This applies to both students’ families and staff’s families.

Any family members that have been in the 3rd degree warning areas (e.g. areas that are still locked down, experiencing growing COVID-19 cases, etc.) within the past 14 days.

If a case is reported in our school community, we contact the local health department for guidance on opening, closing, and duration. 

Additional Resources:


As of June 1, 2020, LA County Health Department Guidelines:

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, we will call the health department Communicable Disease Program (213) 240-7941. They will advise if we need to close a classroom or campus and for how long.

Contact Tracing – We will immediately identify and notify any other students, staff or other individuals who may have been in close contact.

Transparent Communication – We cannot disclose the identity of the student, staff, or family member with COVID or COVID exposure. However, we will let the class and anyone with possible exposure know that there was a case, and we will trace individual contacts that may require additional follow up, testing, and/or self-quarantine. 

Current guidelines for self-quarantine: 10 days from the start of symptoms and 3 days from that last date of symptoms.

If a student or staff member tests positive. If a student or staff member has been exposed to someone who tests positive (more than 10 minutes of close contact-less than 6 feet distance indoors).